Florida State University HEP Contributions to the DØ Experiment

(Fermilab E740 p-barp Collider Experiment)

Todd Adams, Andrew Askew, Susan Blessing, Sharon Hagopian, Harrison B.Prosper, Horst D. Wahl, Dmitry Bandurin, Trang Hoang

FSU physicists have contributed substantially to the DØ top quark results, to QCD studies, to electroweak physics (especially diboson production) and to searches for new phenomena.

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Run II of the Tevatron began in 2001, after completing an upgrade of the original DØ detector. FSU physicists made valuable contributions to that upgrade and to the 2006 trigger upgrade. We are approaching a dataset 100 times larger than the original Run I dataset. We have concentrated our recent efforts on data analysis, detector operations, Montre Carlo simulations, and experimental leadership.

The following are the most recent contributions of the FSU HEP group to DØ:

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