Undergraduate Students Who Have Worked With The FSU HEP Group

Many undergraduate students have done research with the FSU HEP group. Below is a partial list (see below about how to help keep the list up to date). This list includes students who are currently working with us.


Name (Advisor) Year Current Position Thesis Web/Email
Tami Kramer Fermilab/CERN    
Heather Whitaker 1990-1992 writer   website
Elizabeth Bartosz 1990-1992 Program Manager for Nuclear Physics Instrumentation,
Office of Nuclear Physics,
U.S. Department of Energy
Ian Daly late 1990s Joint Head of Planning, Anomaly    
Lucas Naviera ~2000 General Atomics    
Christopher Immer GE Research   website
Bedford West (Adams) 2004 Databook    
John Oberlin (Adams) 2004 Brown U. Comp. Sci. grad. program   website
David Feld (Askew) -2012 Kora Management LP    
Mike Williams (Askew) -2012 Amazon    
Andrew Kenji Ackert (Prosper) -2012 Applied Physics Laboratory thesis  
Zach McDargh (Berg)   Roivant Sciences thesis  
Luis Barrera (Adams) 2010-2013 teaching in Panama    
Ashley (Huff) Williams (Blessing) 2010-2013 USF Graduate Program thesis  
Alicia Gomez (Adams) 2010-2013 teaching in New Jersey thesis  
Lisa Van Middlesworth (Prosper)        
Spencer Jones (Adams) 2012-2014 Orlando Science Center thesis  
Hampton Black (Adams) 2013-2014 Northrup Grumman thesis  
Tim James (Askew) 2013-2014      
Austin Skeeters (Adams) 2012-2016 People Can Fly Studio thesis  
Miles Currie (Adams) 2014 U. Washington graduate program    
Thomas McElroy (Adams) 2014-2015 U. of West Florida    
Alexandra Duboy (Adams) 2014-2015 IXIS    
Dayshon Mathis (Owens) 2014-2016 Stanford Graduate Program thesis  
Paul Eugenio, Jr (Askew) 2014-2016 FSU Graduate Program thesis  
Eric Britt (Adams) 2015-2016 MSU Graduate Program    
John White (Prosper) 2015      
Roberto Prado-Rivera (Prosper) 2015-2016      
John Rogers (Adams) 2015-2016 Texas A&M Graduate Program thesis  
Steven Tolbert (Askew) 2015-2017 NextEra Energy, Inc. thesis  
Megan Wheeler (Askew) 2015-2017 Chick-fil-a    
Lara Zygala (Askew) 2015-2017 Notre Dame Graduate Program thesis  
Alejandro Sanchez (Prosper) 2016-2017 Carnegie Mellon U. thesis  
Jorge Bustos (Adams) 2017-2018 ClearScience, Inc.    
Sam Chang (Adams) 2017      
Leon Hostetler (Berg) 2017-2018   thesis  
Evan Hargett (Yohay) 2017-2018 ONE (financial institution)    
Robert Orlando (Prosper) 2017-2018   thesis  
Elijah Jowers (Yohay) 2017-2019      
Elise Chavez (Askew) 2017-2020 U. Wisconsin-Madison thesis  
Jennifer Sittler (Askew) 2017-2018 UC Santa Cruz grad program    
Tyler Evans (Prosper) 2017-2019      
Adam Kobert (Askew) 2017-2019 Rutgers grad program thesis  
Michael Campanella (Askew) 2017-2020 U. Wisconsin-Madison thesis    
Kyle Kehrer (Prosper) 2018-2020 UC San Diego graduate program thesis  
Thomas Murphy (Adams) 2018-2020 Syracuse U. graduate program thesis  
Joe Peetz (Prosper) 2018-2020 UCLA graduate program thesis  
Zain Abhari (Askew/Yohay) 2019-2021 U. Wisconsin-Madison thesis  
Justin Marquez (Adams) 2020-2021 U. Wisconsin-Madison thesis  
Jacob Dunne (Kolberg) 2019-2022 FSU student    
Ethan Todd (Kolberg) 2020-2023 U. Michigan graduate program thesis  
Hayden Shaddix (Yohay) 2021-2023 Northern Illinois U. graduate program thesis  
Robert Laughlin (Febres Cordero/Yohay) 2021- FSU student    
Michael Fredock (Febres Cordero) 2023- FSU student    
Natalie McKenzie (Kolberg) 2023- FSU student    


Note to former FSU HEP undergraduate students: please send updated information to T. Adams.

Created Mar. 1, 2013 - TA, modified May 19, 2023 - TA