Sharon and Vasken Hagopian with the first Hagopian Family Award recipient, Sergei Gleyzer (middle).

The Hagopian Family Fund celebrates the contributions of Sharon and Vasken Hagopian to the FSU High Energy Physics (HEP) program at Florida State University. The fund supports an award, a lectureship, and support for Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Pi Sigma memberships for physics majors for FSU physics majors.

Vasken Hagopian joined the faculty of the Florida State University physics department in 1970 as an Associate Professor and rose through the ranks to become the Joseph Lannutti Professor of Physics. Sharon Hagopian joined FSU as a Staff Physicist in 1975. For more than 40 years the Hagopians were foundational in all of the activities of the experimental FSU HEP group.

The Hagopian Family Award is given annually to recognize and support one or more graduate students doing their dissertation in high energy physics.

Year Recipient(s)
2023 Angelica Goncalves dos Santos
Rafey Hashmi
2022 Ryan Kim
De-Lin (Mac) Xiong
2021 Suho Kim
Vazha Loladze
2020 Diogenes Figueroa
Redwan Habibullah
2019 Daniel Diaz
2018 Arash Yunesi
2017 Andrew Ackert
Steven Honeywell
2016 Samuel Bein
Ajeeta Khatiwada
2015 Jordon Adams
David Westmark
2014 Brendan Diamond
Nobuo Sato
2012 Joseph Bochenek
Karoline Köpp
2011 Heribertus Hartanto
Venkatesh Veeraraghavan
2010 Jeff Haas
Paolo Rottmann
2009 Sergei Gleyzer

The Hagopian Family Fund also supports an annual Lectureship. The first Hagopian Family Lecturer was Joseph Incandela (UC, Santa Barbara) on April 17, 2014.

Year Lecturer
2023 Andrew White
(University of Texas at Arlington)
2021 Randall Ruchti
(University of Notre Dame)
2019 David Larbalestier
(Florida State University)
2018 Ani Aprahamian
(University of Notre Dame)
2017 Sally Dawson
(Brookhavan National Lab)
2016 Edward "Rocky" Kolb
(U. of Chicago)
2015 Chris Quigg
2014 Joseph Incandela
(UC Santa Barbara)

The Hagopian Family Fund pays the initiation fee for physics majors elected to Phi Beta Kappa. It also pays for the first year membership for Sigma Pi Sigma for physics majors. The Hagopians strongly support our students who are inducted into these honor societies.

Donations to the Hagopian Family Fund can be made through the FSU Foundation.

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