Sharon Hagopian
Research Scientist

Dept. Of Physics
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL, 32306

FSU Phone:(850)644-4777
FSU FAX:(850)644-6735
CERN Office Phone (from US): 011-41-22-767-5806

Research Interests:
Search for Supersymmetric Particles, Dark Matter, Leptoquarks, Signs of
Large Extra Dimensions and other Beyond the Standard Model Effects

B.A. Vassar College
PhD. University of Pennsylvania

Honors and Awards
Phi Beta Kappa, 1963
Fellow, American Physical Society, 1999
Distinguished University Scholar Award, 2008

Recent Experiments
DZero Experiment at the proton- antiproton collider at Fermilab near Chicago (1985-2007)
CMS Experiment at the LHC at CERN, the Center for European Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland (1998-2010)
CMS Emeritus (2011-present)
Note: Was resident at CERN, August, 2007 - December 2008