Young Eagles

Chapter 445 of the Experimental Aircraft Association has increased its Young Eagles activities greatly in recent years. Several times a year we hold Young Eagles Rallies at neighboring airports with the goal of providing introductory flights to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17. During the past few years we have had rallies at Bainbridge, Georgia, and at Marianna, Quincy, Jefferson Landing, Tallahassee, and Perry, Florida.

Perry, Florida - October 28, 2006

On Saturday October 28, 2006 Chapter members held a Young Eagles rally at Perry-Foley airport (40J) in conjunction with the Forest Festival. Thirty-one Young Eagles were flown on an absolutely beautiful fall day. I flew ten Young Eagles on a total of four flights. Their pictures are listed below. Their names are Crystal Helton, Don Helton, Cody Yelverton, Matthew French, Scot Nelson, Colby Robertson, Ariel Revells, Emily Newman, Chelsea Snodgrass, and Bethany Snodgrass. Below are their pictures taken in fron of my Cessna Skylane, N9214G.

Quincy, FLorida - May 18, 2002

Chapter 445 of the Experimental Aircraft Association held their 29th annual fly-in at the Quincy, FL airport (2J9) on May 18, 2002. Although the threat of thunderstorms kept the number of planes below expectations, we were able to give Young Eagle flights to 15 kids between the ages of 8 and 17. The aim of the Young Eagles program is to fly 1,000,000 kids by the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight, December 17, 2003. EAA chapters around the world have so far flown nearly 800,000. Below are some pictures of the Young Eagles (and others) who flew with me at the fly-in.

picture 1

This first picture shows Ace and Jacob Adams and their father standing
in front of my Cessna Skylane, N9214G.

picture 2

This picture shows Monty Mills, Chris Hosey, and Monty's parents.

picture 3

Chris and Lee weren't flown as Young Eagles, but they really wanted
a plane ride, so up they went. Chris used to fly with his dad when he
was younger. He handled the controls well. Come on Chris - go for your license!

picture 4

Here are Sarah and Tyler Torledsky with their dad Alan. Alan is a pilot
who hasn't flown in a while. He handled the controls well, too, so maybe
it is time for him to get current. Go for it Alan!

picture 5

Here I am with Sarah and Tyler and "14G".