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PI/Co-PI NAME Title Sponsor Name Amount
Aluffi, Paolo Theory And Applications Of Segre Classes And Related Intersection Theoretic Invariants National Security Agency $34,360
Annino, Paul; Co-PI(s):Miller, Catherine Children's Legal Service 2016-2017 Florida Bar Foundation $80,000
Bowermeister, Thomas Sexual Violence Prevention Program Panhandle Area Educational Consortium $30,060
Chanton, Jeffrey Knauss Fellowship for Alexandra Harper University of Florida $54,860
De Prince, Albert CAREER: Quantum-Mechanical Methods for Electronic Excited States in complex systems National Science Foundation $177,417
Dennis, Jonathan; Co-PI(s):Zhang, Jinfeng Chromatin Structural Changes Linking Drugs of Abuse with HIV Reactivation National Institutes of Health $353,686
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Epi-CORE WBT Course 101 State of Florida $24,481
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Florida Environmental Public Health Tracking: Training & Development State of Florida $30,875
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Joshi, Aditya Infection Control Practices - Training Development - Phase 1 State of Florida $14,394
Finley, Amy; Co-PI(s): Monroe, Blair Eli Integrated Web Portal - Phase1: Planning & Design University of Florida $33,450
Fuentes, Mariana Reproductive Output Of Loggerhead Turtles In Alabama U. S. Fish and Wild Life Service $5,350
Grzywacz, Joseph; Co-PI(s): Blair, Bethany Nonstandard Maternal Work Schedules and Child Health in Impoverished Families National Institutes of Health $120,495
Gunzburger, Max FORMULATE: Foundations of Rigorous Mathematics for Uncertainty Quantification in Large Systems at the Extreme Scale UT-Battelle LLC $10,000
Harman, Jeffrey An Emergency Department-To-Home Intervention To Improve Quality Of Life And Reduce Hospital Use University of Florida $63,164
Harrington, Julie Economic Analysis Of The Florida African American Historic Preservation Network Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network $1,890
Horton, Jeffrey Regional Commuter Assistance Program: Commuter Services of North Florida State of Florida $200,000
Houle, David Pleiotropy and Modularity of Morphological Variation In Drosophila Melanogaster National Science Foundation $282,624
Jones, Kathryn Development New Therapies for Huanglongbing Via Culturing Ca. Liberibacter Asiaticus University of Florida $104,609
Kantor, Shawn "Collaborative Research: The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the Origins of Modern State Government Fiscal Policies" National Science Foundation $97,652
Kelling, Kimberly Dinosaur Train/Autism Awareness The Jim Henson Company $2,000
Knight, Gary Development of a Habitat Valuation Tool for Panama City Crayfish State of Florida $51,516
Knight, Gary Rare Plant Surveys, Florida Keys Wildlife and Environmental Area State of Florida $7,000
Kumar, Rajan Collaborative Research and Development for Danfoss Turbocor Compressor (DTC) Systems Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, Inc. $19,958
Meckes, David Modulation of Host Cell Exosome Content and Function by EBV LMP1 National Institutes of Health $341,849
Mookherjee, Mainak Aluminous Phase at High-Pressures & Temperatures: Elasticity and Energetics of Hydrogen Incorporation National Science Foundation $101,230
Owens, Jeremy Fingerprinting And Calibrating Low oxygen Conditions Using Vanadium Isotopes National Science Foundation $309,595
Roper, Michael; Co-PI(s): Bertram, Richard Microfluidic Devices for Determining Dynamics of Islets of Langerhans National Institutes of Health $330,600
Shih, Chiang REU Site: Multi-Physics Of Active Systems And Structures II National Science Foundation $378,014
Siegrist, Theo; Co-PI(s): Andrei, Petru; Whalen, Jeff Detachment Of Magnetically Attached Devices (ReMAD) Effectiveness and Sustainability Assessment National Center for Manufacturing Science $153,400
Stroupe, Margaret Kinase-Mediated Assembly of the mRNA Entry Channel In 40S Ribosomes Scripps Research Institute $92,885
Thyer, Bruce Child Welfare Evidence-Based Practice Technical Report for FICW State of Florida $5,000
Van Sciver, Steven Repeatability Testing of Multilayer Insulation Blankets Using Calorimetry Yetispace $56,250
Wilke, Dina Florida Study of Professionals for Safe Families: Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention State of Florida $75,000
Williams, Diana Neuroendocrine Integration of Satiety and Food Reward National Institutes of Health $311,813
Young, Seth; Co-PI(s): Chanton, Jeffrey; Owens, Jeremy; Salters, Vincent Acquisition Of A Gas Source Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) For Earth And Ocean Sciences Research At Florida State University National Science Foundation $174,343
Yu, Weikuan Enabling Memcached on OpenSHMEM for Big Data Analytics UT-Battelle LLC $50,000
Yu, Zhibin Engineering Organometallic Hybrid Perovskite/Polymer Composites for New Generation Electro-Optics Manufacturing Department of Defense $117,730

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