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Masters Recipients (1957-2012)

The FSU HEP group has a long history of producing Ph.D. graduates that go on to a variety of careers. Below is a list of our graduates who finished with a Masters degree and current information if known. (See below about how to help keep the list up to date.)


Name (Advisor) Year Current Position Thesis Web/Email
Kenneth A. Rauchwager (Hagopian) 1975      
Kyle Sawyer (Hagopian) 1976 energy industry    
Jin Xu (Hagopian) 1991      
Kerry Xu      
Erick Hernandez (Hagopian) 1992      
Ed Clark (Prosper) 1994      
Daryl Davis (Hagopian) 1994      
James Robinson (Prosper) 1994      
Thomas Czarniak (Hagopian) 1995      
Fenghua Deng (Blessing) 2004      
Jun Miao (Adams) 2005      
Skyler Saucedo (Prosper) 2006   (thesis)  
Daniel Charles (Prosper) 2013      
Greg Myers (Prosper) 2013      

Note to former FSU HEP students: please send updated information to T. Adams.

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