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Angels & Demons

The Science Revealed

Video Available Here.

May 28, 2009

Florida State University
Room 101 HCB
(the new classroom building)


Professor Harrison Prosper

Kirby W. Kemper Professor of Physics
and Distinguished Research Professor


A free presentation about the science behind the blockbuster movie Angels and Demons based on the book by Dan Brown. A lively discussion that will answer some of the questions:

      • Does antimatter really exist?
      • Can we really make antimatter?
      • How much antimatter is needed to make a bomb like in the movie?
      • Is CERN a real place?
      • What really goes on at laboratories like CERN?
      • What interesting questions can be answered by scientists at CERN?

A question period will follow a multimedia presentation.

Come and meet scientists who live here in Tallahassee and work at CERN. This is part of a worldwide series to demonstrate some of the real life science being carried out at laboratories and universities.


The new classroom building is located just south of the Olegsby Union (labelled 4009 on campus maps).
Parking is available at Parking Garage #1 (the Woodward Avenue parking garage above the FSU bookstore) and at the parking lot across the street. From Tennessee Ave. (east or west), turn into campus on Woodward Ave., after going around the curve, the parking garage in on the right. Parking is free after 5pm.
Campus maps are available here.


For more information, contact Prof. Todd Adams, 644-7159 or tadams@hep.fsu.edu


Listen to the FSU Headlines Radio interview with Prof. Todd Adams.


Sponsored by the FSU High Energy Physics group.

 Albert Einstein said:
Through the release of atomic energy, our generation has brought into the world the most revolutionary force since prehistoric man's discovery of fire. This basic force of the universe cannot be fitted into the outmoded concept of narrow nationalisms.
 Niels Bohr said:
Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it.
 Max Born said:
No concealed parameters can be introduced with the help of which the indeterministic description could be transformed into a deterministic one. Hence if a future theory should be deterministic, it cannot be a modification of the present one but must be essentially different.

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