Historical Timeline of the FSU High Energy Physics Group


The FSU HEP group was founded in 1957 by Joseph Lannutti as the first particle physics group in the southeast U.S. In more than 50 years we have had a distinguished history. Many of the important events of the group are listed below.

1957        Joseph Lannutti starts new HEP program at FSU
1958 FSU HEP group first receives funding from U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
1961 Martin Kretzschmar joins faculty
E. Byerly Brucker joins faculty
1963 John Albright joins faculty
1967 P. K. Williams joins faculty
Dan Kimel becomes a faculty member
1968 John Chandler becomes a Staff Physicist
1969 Anthony Colleraine joins faculty
E. Byerly Brucker moves to Stevens Inst. of Tech.
1970 Vasken Hagopian joins the faculty
John Chandler moves to Oklahoma State U.
Robert Knop becomes a Staff Physicist
1971 Paul M. Dirac (Nobel Laureate) joins faculty
1972 Martin Kretzschmar moves to Mainz
1973 Leopold Halpern joins FSU
1975 Sharon Hagopian becomes a Staff Physicist
Anthony Colleraine moves to General Atomics
Robert Knop leaves the group
1976 Ronald Diamond joins faculty
1979 Jeff Owens wins DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator (OJI) award
Harvey Goldman becomes a Research Assistant Professor
P. K. Williams goes to U.S. Dept. of Energy
Dennis Duke becomes a Visiting Assistant Professor
1980 Jeff Owens becomes a faculty member
1981 Alberto DeVoeto becomes a Visiting Assistant Professor
1983 David Levinthal joins the faculty
David Levinthal is spokesperson of FNAL Experiment 711
1984 Paul Dirac passes away
Dennis Duke becomes a faculty member
David Levinthal wins DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator (OJI) award
SCRI is formed with Joe Lannutti as Director
Dan Kaplan becomes Computer Research Specialist
1985 Bernd Berg joins faculty
Horst Wahl joins faculty
Leopold Halpern becomes Research Scientist
1986 Steve Linn and C. Georgiopoulus join SCRI
Dan Kaplan moves to Northern Illinois U.
1987 Kurtis Johnson becomes Computer Research Specialist
Howie Baer becomes an Assistant Research Scientist
Henryk Pierkarz becomes an Assistant Research Scientist
David Levinthal awarded a Sloan Fellowship
G. Bhanot moves to AT&T
1988 Anna Hasenfratz and Urs Heller join SCRI
Anna Hasenfratz becomes a faculty member
1989 John Womersley joins faculty
Anna Hasenfratz wins DOE OJI award
Anna Hasenfratz moves to U. of Arizona
1990 Howie Baer becomes a faculty member
FSU joins the SDC experiment at SSC
1991 Jeff Owens becomes department chair (until 1997)
Uli Baur becomes Research Scientist
1992 D0 Run I starts
John Womersley moves to SSC Lab in Texas
1993 Harrison Prosper joins faculty
David Levinthal leaves FSU
1994 Susan Blessing joins faculty
FSU hosts Physics in Collision Conference
FSU joins the CMS experiment at CERN
1995 Uli Baur moves to SUNY, Buffalo
Top quark discovery – D0 and CDF
1996 D0 Run I ends
1997 Joe Lannutti passes away
Henryk Piekarz moves to Fermilab
1998 Laura Reina joins faculty
2000 Vasken Hagopian named Joseph E. Lannutti Professor of Physics
2001 D0 Run II begins
Jeff Owens named Guenter Schwarz Professor of Physics
Todd Adams joins faculty
2002 Urs Heller moves to APS Physical Review D
FSU hosts Dirac Centennial Symposium
2003 Howie Baer named J. D. Kimel Professor of Physics
Steve Linn moves to Florida International U.
2004 Yuri Gershtein joins faculty
2006 Bernd Berg named Dirac Professor of Physics
Yuri Gershtein wins DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator (OJI) award
Leopold Halpern passes away
2008 CMS begins data-taking
Yuri Gershtein moves to Rutgers U.
Howie Baer moves to Oklahoma U.
2009 Andrew Askew joins the faculty
Takemichi Okui joins the faculty
FSU hosts Hadron 2009 conference
2010 CMS begins 7 TeV operations
2011 Tevatron completes Run II operations
2012 CMS begins 8 TeV operations
CMS discovers new particle
2013 FSU hosts Loopfest XII
2014 Horst Wahl becomes department chair (until 2019)
2015 CMS begins 13 TeV operations
2016 Ted Kolberg joins the faculty
Rachel Yohay joins the faculty
2018 Fernando Febres Cordero joins the faculty
Kohsaku Tobioka joins the faculty
Rachel Yohay wins DOE Early Career award
2019 Harrison Prosper elected chair of the CMS Collaboration Board (2019-22)
2021 FSU hosts Radcor and LoopFest 2021
FSU hosts DPF21
2022 CMS begins Run 3
Mayly Sanchez joins the faculty
2023 Laura Reina named Joseph Owens Endowed Professor
FSU joins DUNE
Dan Pershey joins the faculty
2024 Harrison Prosper named Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor


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