Laura Reina

  • Department of Physics
    Florida State University
    510 Keen Building
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4350
  • PHONE: (850) 644-9282
  • FAX: (850) 644-6735
  • E-MAIL: click here

Research Interest:

Phenomenology of Particle Physics, in particular:


Professional Positions:

Professional Recognitions and Awards:


list of publications from the SLAC archives.

Some Recent Talks

Loopfest VII, University of Buffalo, NY, May 2008
KITP, Santa Barbara, June 2008
CERN, Workshop on LHC to Future Colliders, February 2009
APS Meeting, Denver, May 2009
FNAL, Higgs Physics at the Tevatron and LHC, November 2009
Colloquium, Buffalo (April 2010), UF (September 2010)
Universita' di Milano Bicocca, July 2010
Aspen Winter Conference, February 2011
ALCPG 2011, Eugene, March 2011
APS meeting, Anaheim, April 2011
Higgs Hunting, Paris, July 2011
Loops and Legs, Wernigerode, April 2012
Spring Institute 2014, Frascati, March 2014
University of Rome "La Sapienza", March 2014
MASS 2014, Odense, May 2014
CERN HXSWG 2015, July 2015

Some Recent Lectures

TASI 2004, Lectures on Higgs Physics, June 2004 (Lecture I, Lecture II, Lecture III, Lecture IV)
NCGOA 2006 (Non Commutative Geometry and Operator Algebra Spring Institute), Lectures on Introduction to Quantum Field Theory, May 2006 (blackboard lectures, notes available on demand)
CTEQ 2006, June 2006, Lectures on: (Practical Next-to-Leading Order calculation, NLO tools, Top quark at colliders)
CTEQ 2009 and 2011, July 2009 and July 2011, Lectures on: (NLO calculations, part I, NLO calculations, part II)
TASI 2011, Lectures on Higgs Physics, June 2011 (Lecture I, Lecture II, Lecture III)
Maria Laach 2011, Lectures on Standard Model Physics, September 2011 (Lecture I, Lecture II, Lecture III, Lecture IV)
CTEQ 2013, July 2013, Lectures on: (Higgs Physics)
CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School 2019, Lectures on Higgs Physics - Theory, August 2019 (Lecture I, Lecture II, Lecture III)

Recent Teaching

Fall 2010, 2011, 2012: Theoretical Dynamics

Spring 2011, 2012, 2013: Statistical Mechanics

Fall 2013: High Energy II

Fall 2013: Discovering Physics

Fall 2014: Quantum Field Theory A

Spring 2015: Quantum Field Theory B

Fall 2015: Quantum Field Theory A

Fall 2015: Theoretical Dynamics

Fall 2015: High Energy II

Spring 2016: Quantum Field Theory B

Graduate Students

Chris B. Jackson (Now Assistant Professor at the University of Texas - Arlington)
Fernando Febres Cordero (Now Professor at Freiburg University - Germany)
Paulo Rottmann (Now working for a private company in Germany)
Benjamin Thayer (Now serving in the Navy SEALS)
Heribertus Bayu Hartanto (Now a postdoc in the Theory Group of the University of Aachen, Germany)
Steve Honeywell (current student)
Diogenes Figueroa (current student)

Last but not least ... my family!

Ettore and Filippo Alessandro

Laura Reina
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